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MATLAB & Simulink Tutor
City: Bristol
Last visit: 19 Mar 2014
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Posted: 19 Mar 2014


Do you have a project or assignment with MATLAB / Simulink?

Or, do you want to learn these software in a step by step process?

I am here to help you with more than 10 years of experience using and teaching these software.

I live in Bristol and I can teach you MATLAB / Simulink in other cities over Skype; as I had many students in different cities of UK.


It is £ 18 per hour which you can pay via online banking in the UK or via Paypal.

(if you want to learn these software over Skype, the first hour is free

How to start

To start 'Reply to this ad' and tell me about your project/assignment and/or required skills, then I will contact you and tell you how can I help you.

Also, my Skype name is: matlab.tutor