LOST iPOD Touch 4th Generation

City: Bristol
Last visit: 27 Dec 2014
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Posted: 27 Dec 2014


It is a black iPod (8gb) and it had no case on it, it has a lot of scratches at the back and it has a screen protector on it with lots of scratches.

I went to Bristol on Friday the 19th December and I remember taking it out of my car. I was parked up by St. Luke's Rd and I took it out of my car and placed it into my bag to get to my friends house who lives on that road. I can't remember taking my iPod out of the bag and my friend has had a look in her house but couldn't find it. Now I don't know whether it has dropped out of the bag on that road but or not but if anyone has found it, I will surely give you a reward.

It has ran out of battery so probably won't switch on but I would be grateful if whoever has it would call me up and return it back to me as I have a lot of memories and pictures in that iPod which I don't want to lose. Please call me if you have my iPod :(